About Yokotu


Here's Our Story

Yokotu is a world-class agency that takes great pride in offering cutting edge marketing solutions. We create innovative, engaging campaigns that empower businesses to reach more customers. Our business finds its roots in 2003 and has continuously evolved, finding effective solutions for even the toughest marketing challenges. Today, Yokotu's network accounts for up to 15 Billion impressions worldwide, is still absolutely 100% founder-owned, and is highly reputable. We currently operate out of Las Vegas and London.

Our Approach

Our modern approach helps you to:

Reach potential customers worldwide

Engage customers through their interests - not ads

Drive truly authentic traffic to your website

Build positive brand relationships with customers

Tap into hard to reach consumer segments

Create lasting value by building a unique community

Our Values

At Yokotu we value transparency above all else. It is our commitment to being straightforward and honest that has allowed us to continuously work with amazing brands across multiple industries from mobile tech to confection. We don't sell services we don't believe in and we never sell results we can't achieve. Our goal is to always give solid actionable advice paired with well-executed services that create real and lasting value for our clients, not just inflate your marketing budget.