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Yokotu is a world-class agency that takes great pride in offering cutting edge marketing solutions. We create innovative, engaging campaigns that empower businesses to reach more customers. Our business finds its roots in 2004 and has continuously evolved, finding effective solutions for even the toughest marketing challenges.

We bring a unique approach and value to our clients

  • Reach potential customers worldwide
  • Engage customers through their interests - not ads
  • Drive truly authentic traffic to your website
  • Build positive brand relationships with customers
  • Tap into hard to reach consumer segments
  • Create lasting value by building a unique community
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Meet the Founders

Combining decades of experience to build a different kind of marketing agency, based on tangible results and real-world applications.

Romain Tixier

Romain was the head of the esports club ''oXmoze'' in France until 2010 when the club was sold. Following the successful sale of the club, he joined Gameo Consulting (Owner of Millenium Esports) with Marketing and Customer Production responsibilities. This led to Romain being recruited by Melty and him taking on a management role for ''Coca Cola Gaming Zone'', ''Coca Cola Gaming Stories'', ''Playstation Plus League'', and ''PMU Challenge'' among others. Romain holds a bachelor's degree from Vatel Lyon Institute, a degree from the University of Perpignan, a Master 1 in Marketing (2010) and a Master 2 in International Business Management (2011) from INSEEC Lyon.

Nick Smith
United Kingdom

Nick has over a decade of professional experience in a variety of fields, including finance, recruitment, and business intelligence. He has worked at companies such as Timetric (now part of GlobalData, one of the leading global Business Intelligence companies) and ADT. During this time, Nick cultivated a passion for esports and participated in competitive Counter-Strike Source leagues such as Enemy Down and Clanbase in the UK. By bringing his passion and professional experience into the gaming and esports space, he was able to help numerous organizations better manage their talent and leverage their business assets. Nick holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Manchester.

Eric Biggs
United States

Eric is the founder of Pulse Esports, a successful esports organization that joined incredible talent from across the esports industry with large sponsors such as Razer & Dailymotion. Following the exit of Pulse his focus was on creating infrastructure to support talent, and thus Enigma Esports (later, Sensei) was born with the mission of creating opportunities for players who were otherwise overlooked. Since then, numerous tier-1 professionals have come up under his guidance. Today, Eric’s vision is to bring the same level of guidance and support to your side of the table.

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