Fortnite ''The End'' Event Breaks Records

Was it really The End of Fortnite? Click here to see what happened and find out what's next!

Fortnite still has a massive hype as we saw during their “The End” event, which closed out the 10th season this October. Following the crash of a space ship into the map, the game was inaccessible for over 36 hours, and a black hole swallowed up everything from the players to the user interface, leaving nothing but a glowing hole in the center of the screen.

With Fortnite inaccessible, millions of fans flooded Google looking for answers. This event led to “Fortnite” being looked up more than any period during the previous 12 months. These fans also gathered on Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter in record numbers. On Twitch, 1.7 million viewers went to their favorite streamers, causing the website servers to crash. On Twitter, more than 1.4 million concurrent viewers watched a live video of the black hole. And finally, on Youtube, 4.3 million viewers watched the same event. It's worth noting that while these 7.4 million viewers is an impressive number, it doesn't include those who saw the event on other platforms like Mixer, or those who were in the menus of the game at the time.

With this stellar performance, Fortnite demolished their previous record of 2.3 million concurrent viewers, set during the World Cup Finals. Similarly, Fortnite's broke records on platforms like Twitch and Twitter, and on Youtube, “The End” drew one of the most massive gaming audiences in its history. (BeyoncĂ© holds the record for live content on Youtube )

“The End” proved that Fortnite still commands the attention of gaming fans around the globe. The game continues to offer new content during each season, making it one of the few who do so in the industry. But most importantly, Fortnite continues to retain a healthy and engaged community. Despite being free, Fortnite produced 2.4 Billion Dollars in revenue in 2018, breaking game industry records in the process. However, viewers were somewhat disappointed with Season 10, and revenues during the second semester of the season dropped a bit. According to StreamLabs & Newzoo reports, the player's expenditures in Fortnite dropped by 52% in July 2019 when compared with July 2018.

However, a new chapter has begun for Fortnite, titled “Chapter 2.” The game is sporting a brand new map and many other in-game novelties. This new content may help reinvigorate the game's fans and potentially push Fortnite to new heights. If nothing else, this event proved that Epic Games are masters at getting people's attention.

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