Community Management

Community Management makes your brand real. It creates personality and allows for genuine relationships to develop.


What is Community Management?

Community Management and Social Media Management are terms often mistakenly used interchangeably. While Social Media is a critical element of your community it's important not to lose sight of your community as a whole. Community management is, fundamentally, about how your brand interacts with its customers, users, and target audience online. As such, your ''Community'' exists on every major platform. In short, Community Management is how you handle ALL of your online relationships.

Multiple Platforms Working Together

Your community exists in multiple places simultaneously, so your brand must as well. Positive interactions on one platform drive people to follow you elsewhere. In turn, this allows you to continue the relationship and turn simple online interactions into loyal customers.

Real People Interact in Real Time

Your brand's ability to respond in real time is what gives it life. The opportunity to create an impression is temporary, so failing to be there to take advantage of it can be the difference between converting someone into a lifelong believer in your brand and never getting their business at all.

Creating Value

We help brands just like yours improve their online presence by optimizing how they:


  • Hear what your community cares about


  • Actively converse with your community


  • Fix issues your community is facing and protect your brand


  • Track how your community perceives your brand

Community Management Matters

If you don't have effective Community Management you're missing out on opportunities to:

Solve customers' problems

Convert customers into ambassadors

Network with influencers or other brands

Receive honest feedback in real-time

Drive the conversation in your Community

Influence prospective customers